March 5, 2018

Dear TCU Kappa Sigma Theta Chapter Brother,

Great news!!  We asked, you answered.  Because of your generosity, we exceeded our goal to raise $125,000 for Phase II of the new fraternity house.

In fact, between Phase I and Phase II, you helped us raise over $230,000.  Funds came from 120 alumni donors representing 50 pledge classes some 55 years apart.  Think about that – what a testament to the love for and loyalty to Theta Chapter of Kappa Sigma!

Now, we move on to the next steps – ordering the furniture, artwork and other items to get the house open by this coming August.  This will include ordering the plaques acknowledging the individual, group and pledge class donors.  If you still haven’t contributed, but want to be listed – or to help your pledge class be listed – there is still a little time.  We have until March 19 to submit the list of names for the various plaques.  Until then you can still be included.

Go to our website — — and pay using Paypal or a credit card or mail a check to TCU Kappa Sigma Housing, Inc. P.O. 100684, Fort Worth, Texas 76185.

We’ll also post periodic updates on the website as the house gets ready to open in August including dates for a grand opening celebration this fall to recognize all the donors.  Stay tuned to the website and email for more details.

 Again, thank you for your generosity.


House Committee

Trey White
Stephen Levy
Matt Johnson
Kirk C. Miller
Jim Motheral
Ben White
Michael Levy
Jeff Kearney
Scott Shapard
Tull Bailey
Phil Weber
Kim Patterson
Jeff Nichols
Lee Siratt
Bill Landreth
Freese Roberts
Kip Patterson
Mike Page
John Barclay
Jammer Moncrief
Austin Rehm
Bob Semple
Teddy Boschini
Ryan Hessing
Michael Mallick
John Andrew Willis
Kacey Cornelius
Stephen Nethery


Pledge Class Contributions (Phases I and II)

$25,000 Fall 1978              
$15,500 Fall 1968              
$12,000 Fall 1963              
$11,000 Fall 1992              
$10,000 Spring 1982 Spring 1985 Spring 1987 Spring 1980        
$8,000 Fall 1975              
$6,000 Fall 1980 Fall 1966            
$5,500 Fall 1997              
$5,000 Fall 1957 Fall 1970 Spring 1976 Fall 1976 Fall 2008      
$3,500 Fall 1996              
$3,400 Fall 1990              
$2,750 Fall 1987              
$2,500 Fall 1977 Fall 2007            
$ 1,800 Fall 1995              
$1,600 Fall 1984              
$1,500 Spring 1969 Spring 1971 Spring 1979 Fall 1986 Fall 2003      
$1,250 Fall 1985              
$1,100 Spring 1991              
$1,000 Fall 1959 Fall 1967 Spring 1968 Spring 1970 Fall 1959 Spring 1997 Fall 1972 Fall 1988
$750 Fall 1969              
$645 Fall 2010              
$550 Fall 2012              
$500 Fall 1974 Fall 1989            
$250 Spring 2004              
$200 Fall 1998 Fall 2004            
$100 Fall 1960 Fall 2001            
$25 Fall 2006              



Donors to Phases I and II (as of 2/18/18)
Christian Counseling Center Keller Crowley Doug Kincaid Kim Patterson
McDaniel Foundation Brad Cunningham Jeremy Knicely Kip Patterson
Tom Abington John Davis John Kostohryz Richard Ruschhaupt
William Adams Fin Ewing Bill Landreth Bob Semple
Brad Adatto Jeff Farmer Field Lange Rob Shapard
Tull Bailey Mike Ferguson Michael Levy Scott Shapard
Jack Baldwin Ryan Greene Stephen Levy Bill Smirnis
Brian Bell Jamie Grubb Malcolm Louden Finn Smith
Teddy Boschini Shawn Guttersen Miles Loveless Eric Swanson
Pat Brown Parker Guttersen Terry “Bubba” Mackenzie David Thornton
Reagan Casey Micah Howard Michael Mallick Duer Wagner
Dean Cochran Rowland Jackson Kirk Miller Phil Weber
Jeff Cook Matt Johnson Jeff Nichols Walker Wilson
Kacey Cornelius Jeff Kearney